About Us

This is some background on why this site is here, and who is in the background, putting the energy into making this happen.


The idea for this site came all the way back in 1996, but it has taken a long time to research, to dig down and find the gems. In 2004 we nearly cracked it, and in 2005 suddenly a lot clicked into place.

We've taken what we've learnt through one environment and tested it in another, and with over 100 people we've personallly help make the transition they need.


Finance professionals who have and continue to work in finance, from ex auditors from the Big 4, to finance directors at large plcs, project finance experts, hedge fund traders, product developers, product controllers to self employed entrepeneurs who are at the coal face.

We have all worked in places we hated, and places we've loved. We've all had moments where we want to give up, and others when we'd never be anywhere else.

Right now, we're happy doing what we want, and knowing why we're there, and free to make the choices we choose. Which is after all, all we can ask.

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